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Stock Management

Premium Modules Available For Best Features

DashPOS is a smart customizable point-of-sale system, purposefully designed to power all businesses. Our all-in-one POS systems deliver the ultra-smooth experiences your customers expect to manage, sell, and accept digital payment. – all in a single device.

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  • Start selling on our Marketplace; it is a powerhouse that comes with all the features you will need to grow your business. We ensure you have every functionality you need to build, run, and expand your business.

  • Need full control of the online store? We offer complete services that ensure you have a fully customize online e-commerce store tailored to your business that Sync Products and all transactions to your intelligent POS system to manage everything from:

      •  POS (Point Of Sale)

      • accept Online ordering

      • Stock or Inventory Management.

      • Service & Invoicing and many more

  • Connect an exciting online e-commerce store to our intelligent business management software to help manage and expand your business.

Convertible POS systems

DashPOS is significantly adapted to any screen. These help sales personnel adjust to customers’ needs with the convertible point-of-sale systems. Check inventory on the go, assist customers with purchase decisions, and complete transactions — at the counter or out on the sales floor.

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Industries We Serve


Our digital payment platform provides many ways to increase revenue and manage every aspect of your business, from ordering to payment.

Food & Beverage

Point-of-sale and secure payment solutions ensure you deliver a superior customer experience that retains customers and increase ROI


Express merchant account and Dash-POS make accepting online or brick-and-mortar payments secure and profitable.

Niche Industries

Our digital payment platform and management application suite help us cater to all businesses in the niche industries


Our Secure digital payment platform and merchant services empower your retail business, regardless of its scale or complexity, reducing operational costs and increasing ROI