Dmail helped in the growth of businesses.

Dmail offers premium mailing services to help grow businesses and build brands. We provide marketing tools to share your ideas with the world.

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Why Choose Dmail

Dmail is a platform that provides email and marketing automation services. It is designed to help businesses grow by offering various features such as automation and segmentation tools, as well as customizable email templates. Additionally, Dmail can be integrated with the popular e-commerce platform, and Dashforms, which enables you to create targeted email campaigns based on your customers’ shopping habits.

Built to Last

Here are some reasons why you might choose Dmail:


Dmail is easy to use

Robust features

Dmail offers a variety of features, including automation, segmentation tools, and trimmings for email templates


Dmail enables tracking of your campaigns so you can see how many people are opening your emails and what they do.

Great support

  • Dmail offers personalized onboarding support within your first 60 days of service, and 24/7 support

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