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We require an annual purchase paid in advance for the special price to apply. Special fees are applicable for your first invoice. For all subsequent renewals, regular prices apply.



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Discounted from $14.99/mo.



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Discounted from $22.99/mo.



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Discounted from $37.99/mo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does DWS offer a Business application to manage a business?

Dashrite offers cloud base business applications that help businesses manage and grow their business; In some cases, we take special requests from clients to build an application that suits your business needs. Learn More

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a subscription service that allows you to start and manage a website accessible online. Besides hosting your website, most hosting companies offer domain and other services.

What is the difference between hosting and domain?

The domain is just a name, a virtual address, which only works if pointed to a host server. For your domain to access your website, you need to subscribe to a hosting service and point your domain to that host.

What are types of hosting?

There are three types of hosting. The most basic one is shared hosting, also typically called web hosting. When using shared hosting, you get to share the resources of a single server with hundreds of other clients. Then there are the cloud hosting and the virtual private server. In this case, you get a dedicated share of server resources, which are virtually allocated to you but pertain to one server or a group (cloud) of servers where other websites and clients get hosted. And thirdly, there is the dedicated server, where you get a machine entirely dedicated to you.

What’s the cost of starting a beginner website?

As a starter, owning a website could cost as low as your monthly hosting fee. Dashrite Webs services allow individuals to host their WordPress websites. We mainly build and host and maintain websites for 80% of our clients with a low hosting and maintenance cost.

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Whether you’re seeking web design or other web Services, DWS has the solutions to help you build your business on our scalability and dependable platform.

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